Ann-Kathrin Weisenberger, M.A.

Translator and conference interpreter (German <> Spanish / French, English > German)

Sworn translator and interpreter (German <> Spanish)

My Qualification

I am a fully qualified Translator and Conference Interpreter. My main (A) language is German. When working with written documents, I translate from Spanish (B) as well as French and English (C). My specialties include marketing, economics and various industrial sectors. When interpreting, I translate from Spanish to German and vice versa. I also offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from French to German.

I obtained my Bachelor‘s Degree in Translation from the University of Mainz in Germany and then went on to obtain my Master‘s Degree in Conference Interpreting from the University of Heidelberg

Spending time abroad has always played an important role in my education. Before starting university, I spent a gap year in New Mexico (USA) where I worked with children and took classes at the University of New Mexico. Part of my University curriculum also included two full semesters abroad: one at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina and one at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Spain. I also completed an internship in France where I obtained vital insights and experience as an in-house translator and interpreter for an international industrial tool manufacturer.

Translation and Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation

German <> Spanish

French > German

Consecutive Interpretation

German <> Spanish

French > German

Bilateral Interpretation

German <> Spanish



Spanish > German

French > German

English > German

Bridging languages - Connecting worlds

Whether working on the fine print of a multi-lingual contract or helping a client make him/herself be clearly understood while speaking in an international environment, my role both as a translator and as a conference interpreter is to bridge languages, eliminate linguistic barriers and connect worlds.

As regards interpreting, whether working in a multi-lingual conference setting in simultaneous mode or assisting with bilateral negotiations or press conferences in consecutive mode, my role as Consulting Interpreter is to help find the most suited options, tailored for each individual need and setting. I see my role as a collaborating partner. I advise and guide my clients to help them better understand their needs.

Going the extra distance

Being a translator / interpreter goes well beyond mastering languages — it’s not just about semantics. An important part of my role as linguistic expert and cultural broker is to constantly keep abreast on current affaires, deepen my knowledge of specialist topics, stay informed of changes in the industry and constantly look for better ways to sharpen my skills in order to better serve my clients.




+49 17684567695

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